OatMilk Dream Cream

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It is made of oat milk and goat’s milk, an excellent source of natural ingredient with great healing properties. It is extremely useful to our entire body, it improves and maintain the overall health of the skin as well as strengthen and repair of hair. 
Oat milk is rich in beta-glucan, a soluble fiber easily absorbed by the skin with great healing ailments and helps maintain a youthful appearance. It also helps the body’s immune system active and able to resist bacterial and viral infection. It helps stimulate the skin tissue to rebuild surface cells and to restore the collagen structure. Fresh, youthful skin cells are developed while the other healthy skin cells are maintained. 
Goat milk is wonderful for dry and sensitive skin. It also improves and maintains healthy skin. It is rich in essential fatty acids and triglycerides that have a unique PH similar to humans, so it is easily absorb by our skin. It is less irritating and extremely moisturizing. It also loaded with skin loving minerals like selenium and Vitamin A, that is most important vitamin in the skin. It has lactic acid (AHA) that gently slough off dead skin cells and help hydrated and brighten the skin.
Skin Benefits
- It removes excess oil and bacteria from your skin. It exfoliates dead skin cells, thus helping to combat acne. 
- It is effective in fighting dull, flaky and dry skin. It alleviates pain due to itching rashes, scales and peeling. 
- It enhances wound healing and shallow abrasions. It improves collagen and immune system of the skin. 
- It has anti-inflammatory properties and are suitable for all skin types. They are clinically effective in healing dry and itchy skin. 
- It also improves skin tone and texture. It lightens the skin by smoothing out blotchy skin.
- It is also use in treating eczema, psoriasis, insect bites and other skin infections. 
- Oat and milk proteins help maintain skin natural barrier and protect your skin from harsh chemicals like pollution and UV rays.
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