#20 How to make Oregano Soap | The Soap Craft PH

Posted by Anne Remigio on

Oregano is an herbal plant that is very easy to grow. This is my go to remedy along with ginger for my children each time they get colds.

For this project, I made it into soap because of its excellent anti-inflammatory property. For more than a year now, I am suffering to a skin inflammation due to food allergy.

At first I made an Oregano Tincture which I sprayed a lot in my leg where the allergy is. It really helped a lot in managing the itch but the pain brought by the alcohol is sometimes unbearable.

But with constant application (spray 3x a day), for almost 8mos and diet of course, my leg skin is free from allergy. There’s this small area left though :(. Right at the ball of my right foot. It hadn’t gone out yet.

I hope with this soap and going without chicken and egg food, will soon be gone.

Here's a video on How I make an Oregano Soap.


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