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Khrystal Beauty Essences is a small family owned home-based business that specialises in the creation of handmade-local home and personal skin care products.  

My name is Anne, I am the owner and creator here at Khrystal Beauty Essences. I started in 2006 without yet a name and by 2009, my sister Karen, help me established the business. Khrystal is named after her daughter.

I love science! I began making handcrafted soaps in 2008. I started with the most popular whitening soap called the Papaya-Kojic soap. Although at first I buy these products from a supplier, to pair with my cream, lotion and facial toners, I am not truly comfortable with the ingredients they put in the soap. I need to find something more natural and safe to use everyday. After about a year of research, trial and testings, I finally made my first soap that I truly love everything I have put in it.

My family is part of my journey in making all the products I am processing from scratch. From the very simple whitening soap I first created, I take great joy to level up in making handcrafted soaps and skin care products using the highest quality of ingredients. I always go back to the very basic of what is good and healthy to our body and our whole family. 

Here at Khrystal Beauty Essences, I will continue to innovate and improve our products using the safest and natural ingredients, making it the old fashioned way.

My mission is to start living healthy thru “natural things”. My goal is to utilize the natural plant based products, clay minerals and sustainable animal produce. I get my materials from our local farms and some are from our very own home garden.

I also share my passion to everyone who shares the same love and interest with my craft through workshops and in my YouTube channel THE SOAP CRAFT PH

Thank you for supporting our business! Each of your purchase makes our day, because you help us to provide for our family, including our local farmer who supports me. All our products are crafted with great attention to detail. I always strive to provide your the best. My family and I will always be grateful!





xoxo Anne


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