Join me and learn to create beautiful and natural soap bars and other skin care products from scratch at home. Discover the materials around you and turn them into something useful for your skin, whole body and well-being.

In this workshops, you will not only learn but will also appreciate the things around us, big and small, will feel inspired and definitely will love the beauty and art of handmade products using local materials.

The workshops are simply going back to basics.  Every handcrafted skill/s that I am sharing is also my passion and to empower creations with proper education and support to help people make a living in doing what they love at the comfort of their home.

Formulating a balanced recipe is the most important part in my workshop. My goal is for you to go feel very capable and comfortable in making your own products by yourself.

Soft Baby Calendula Soap
The Soap Craft PH
From ₱6,500.00
Liquid Castile Soap Making Workshop
Nature's Skin Botanicals
Regular price ₱6,500.00
Khrystal Beauty Essences
Regular price ₱1,500.00
Building Balm, Salve and Rubs Workshop
The Soap Craft PH
Regular price ₱3,500.00
Beeswax Candle Making Workshop
Nature's Skin Botanicals
Regular price ₱3,500.00

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