Beauty Bar Soap

Beauty Soap is one of the first beauty product to clean our outer skin. Ours are all handcrafted and not so the commercially manufactured kind. We make our soap from the scratch, we select the best oils and purest, high quality active ingredients. We can add many different specialty ingredients too, to customize soaps for yourself, your family, friends and your clients. We can formulate soap for different types of skin such as, oily, dry and sensitive skin.
5 in 1 Whitening Soap 135g
Regular price ₱75.00
Acne Lemon Soap 125g
Regular price ₱75.00
Bleaching Black Soap 135g
Regular price ₱75.00
Regular price ₱150.00
GlutaCollagen Soap 125g
Regular price ₱75.00
GlutaRosehip with Arbutin Soap 125g
Regular price ₱75.00
Miracle Skin Whitening Soap 125g
Regular price ₱85.00

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