Stress Relief Massage Oils

We are dedicated to produce top quality products that is both good for the skin and the whole systemic body.

We introduce to you our newest product line: The Stress Relief Massage Oils

Our massage oils contains pure grapeseed oil and organic virgin coconut oil + the active Essential oil to provide the finest, best and healthy massage oil. It won't leave you feeling greasy after the massage. It has pleasant aromatic smell. It won't irritate your skin nor cause allergic reactions to the body.

Grapeseed Oil pressed from the seeds has little to no odor and it has smooth, silky texture without being greasy.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is light and non-greasy liquid oil and it won't stain the sheets of beddings.

Stress Relief Massage Oils also gives the smooth glide and easy workability to the skin surface during the massage.

Calming Lavender Massage Oil
Nature's Skin Botanicals
From ₱100.00
Chamomile Baby Love Massage Oil
Nature's Skin Botanicals
Sale price ₱229.00 Regular price ₱239.00 Sale
Cooling Peppermint Massage Oil
Nature's Skin Botanicals
Regular price ₱189.00
Massage Oil - Lavender & Mint 50ml
Khrystal Beauty Essences - Handcrafted Soap and Skin Care Products
Regular price ₱106.00
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 1000ml
Nature's Skin Botanicals
Regular price ₱450.00
Sensual Jasmine Massage Oil 100ml
Nature's Skin Botanicals
Regular price ₱239.00

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