Journey to Win an Organic SkinCare Entreprenuer Scholarship to Formula Botanica

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First of all, I want to thank God for giving me this opportunity to join the Formula Botanica's Organic Skincare Entrepreneurship Scholarship thru my dear friend tita Heart. She asked me to join weeks ago. I said yes but I did not respond to join at first because I am having second thoughts that time.

First, because I don’t know how to get votes online when I have only few friends. Second, because I thought I am busy with the kids, busy fulfilling the orders of my clients, meetings with potential clients and more. Third, is simply because I thought it’s impossible because of so many more reasons aside from 1 and 2 :). But then five days after, tita Heart messaged me twice in a row to remind me again to join. That is when I decided to stay in front of my computer and type in my pitch to join the contest. (actually tita, I thought, cge na nga gawin ko na kasi nakakahiya sau, hahaha).

My journey to this contest started September 15. On the first day, I got 300+ votes and to make it short, now I am on top 3 leader board. And because of this I want to thank you for voting me thru your facebook likes in my entry.

I want to thank my Khrystal Beauty Essences Family, my family, my staff, my friends, my classmates and teachers in Elementary “Salamat sa inyong Lahat”, my officemates in my previous jobs, my dear neighbors and friends here in Somerset, those who supports Khrystal Beauty Essences, my dear clients and friends of my friends who liked the post and to my Artisan Soapmakers Philippines friends and member thank you also. I want to express more gratitude to all of you who supported me, and please continue still to support me. I am in top 10, please continue to like and share my entry to keep me there. I will do my best to become part of it. Thank you!

Thank you so much everyone. This will be the start of my Organic Skin Care Career (I hope, I am praying). Organic Skin Care is for everyone, to me, to you and to our mother nature… Thank you and God bless us all!

Please continue to like and share my entry below, this is the first stage of the contest, I hope we remain in the top 10 leader board.

here again is the link to vote:

Formula Botanica #Organicseptember
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