Dried Butterfly Pea Flower Tea & Seeds

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Harvested and dried in small batches.

Blue Butterfly Pea is an edible flower with many uses
A. Use it as tea - with a clean earthly and unsweetened taste with a floral twist. It can be served hot or cold.

How to prepare
1. Boil a clean water.
2. Put 3 to 5 pcs dried butterfly pea flower inside a teapot. Add the freshly boiled, hot water.
3. Cover the teapot and steep for 5 minutes
4. When the water becomes visibly blue to dark blue, your butterfly pea tea is now ready!
5. You can eat the soaked butterfly pea flower too!

As Cold Refreshing Drink
1. Let the WARM BUTTERFLY PEA cool then add Calamansi / Lemon Juice and Honey to taste.
2. Serve it with Cube Ice for cool and fresh feel.

B. Blue Rice (Butterfly Pea Rice) - the rice becomes loaded with antioxidants from the blue butterfly pea flowers that is good to our skin.

How to Prepare
1. Prepare and clean the rice as usual.
2. Put 5 to 10 pcs of dried butterfly pea flower and let it cook.
3. The rice becomes blue 🥰

C. Butterfly Pea Bread / Rice Cakes etc

How to prepare
1. Use freshly boiled and hot water to make the flower extract.
2. Use the extract as the liquid part in your recipe.

100% Home Grown and Organic!
Prepared and packed in small batches!


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