Acne Lemon soap with French Green Clay 125g

Nature's Skin Botanicals

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Ideal for skin conditions with acne, whiteheads and other blemishes.

Because one of the primary goals of acne lemon soap is to slough away old skin cells, the soap may have a drying effect. For this reason it's a good idea to start slowly and see how the skin reacts to this product. Other side effects may include skin redness and burning.

Warning: Do not use Acne Lemon Soap on skin that is already chapped or sunburned.

Acne Lemon Soap

1. Lemon extract - helps prevent the formation of acne/pimples. It also lightens the skin from pimple marks and skin pigmentation. It dries up the acne superfast to get rid of it in no time.
2. Tea Tree Oil - with natural antibacterial property to aid in drying acne breakouts, acne and T-zone combination skin areas.
4. Aloe Vera Extract - for skin regeneration

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