Basic Cold Process Natural Soap Making Workshop

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Natural Soap Making is the answer to your daily soaping needs to use natural soaps instead of those commercial soap available in the market. The beauty and advantage of making your own soap are that you make it with the ingredients that you choose and you like.

During the class, I will show you how to infuse soaps with different healing properties, which oils to use and some soap-making techniques. We will then have a hand soap making together. And we offer full follow-up support to help you become a soap-making master!

Topics to cover

  • The science behind soap making, saponification and other important soap terms.
  • Lye information and safety.
  • A brief history of soap making.
  • The materials and ingredients needed and where to get them
  • How to formulate a soap recipe?
  • Hands-On soap making.

We will provide the following

  • Raw Materials (Herbs & Spices, Natural Colorants, Hydrosols, Essential Oils, Lye and Oils/Butters)
  • Measuring tools and equipment
  • Safety goggles and apron
  • Silicon Soap Mold
  • Reading Materials
  • Light Snack

 You will take home the following items after the workshop.

With Basic Package

  • wooden soap mold with silicone liner
  • ready-to-use soap bar
  • apron

With Basic + Kit Package

  • Raw Materials
  1. Lye Flakes/Pearl
  2. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
  3. Butters - Shea Butter or Cocoa Butter
  4. Essential / Fragrance Oil
  • Tools
  1. Wooden soap mold with silicone liner
  2. Soap Cutter
  • also includes the ready to use soap bars and apron.

Class Schedule is by appointment. 1 week prior to booking and payment.

Please Observe Social Distancing. Only 1 person is allowed per hands on workshop.

Wear your facemask and faceshield all the time.

We will provide the following

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