Liquid Castile Soap Making Workshop

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Make your own natural shower gel, liquid hand soap and soap paste. This workshop is the most versatile type of soap, which is liquid soap. We will make a liquid soap base that can be added to various recipes to make a variety of products, not only for the face and body wash, but also dish soap, laundry detergent and more.

Topics to cover

  • The science behind soap making, saponification and other important soap terms.
  • Lye information and safety.
  • A brief history of soap making.
  • The materials and ingredients needed and where to get them
  • How to formulate a soap recipe?
  • Making your liquid soap, which includes a cooking phase and dilution phase.
  • Making your face wash, customized by you for your particular skin-care needs


We will provide the following

  • Raw Materials (Herbs & Spices, Natural Colorants, Essential Oils, Lye and Oils/Butters)
  • Measuring tools and equipment
  • Safety goggles and apron (depending on availability)
  • Liquid Soap Containers
  • Reading Materials
  • Light Snack


You will take home the following items after the workshop.

  • The liquid soap and soap paste you made during the workshop.
  • Crock pot (with additional fee, by order)

Class starts 9AM to 5PM (Manhattan Condominiums Tower 1 Cubao Quezon City) 

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